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Our Love Homes are donated homes and are the heart of our ministry. They house our staff and members that are dedicated to Christ, our ministry and their community.

These homes are where weekly bible studies and events occur in an atmosphere where neighbors can gather freely and meet our members, pastors and deacons in their own environment.

This is where daily training occurs.

Love Homes are donated homes(we now have 5) that our ministry has used to place the displaced and allow them to have a stable and long term solution to their problems. They are also a place where OUTREACH MINISTRY begins in local neighborhoods.

The Community Mission’s Love Homes is a tax-deductible 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating dignified, affordable housing for low-income families in Schuylkill County.

For over 3 years, our community here at The Community Mission’s, has been working to build a sustainable model for helping people that we are proud of. And part of that vision is seeing abandoned houses come back to life.

We have hundreds of abandoned houses in Schuylkill County-more abandoned houses than there are homeless people, according to recent county homeless counts. And yet there are still families in need of housing. We can’t help everyone, but we do help the ones that God puts in our path.

It’s not easy to be a friend and a landlord, so that’s why we created a new paradigm for housing. We are not just rehabbing houses, we are building healthy homes and stable families, and we are building houses that we are proud to call home.

We are well aware how powerful the forces of gentrification can be to displace people in need, which is why we know that creating affordable home ownership is one of the most stabilizing things we can do for the future of families we love. We believe in development without displacement.

GIVE We don’t just want money, we want YOU– friends who believe every person should have a dignified place to live. And then we want to conspire together to make that dream a reality – whether that means writing a check or picking up a hammer.


Turning vacant houses into viable homes is one critical part of our holistic, integral work of combating poverty and inequality – and The Community Mission’s Love Homes will be the vehicle.


The only way we are able to do this incredibly important work is with help from people like you. Please consider asking your faith community or business to sponsor a house by giving $5000-$10,000. Many of our Sponsors also come volunteer alongside the family they support. If you are interested in Sponsoring a house with a gift of $5000 or more, please contact our office, as we’d love to talk with you personally about what that could look like.


We are creating a pretty fantastic list of skilled workers. We are especially in need of licensed contractors and experienced builders of all kinds – electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, masons. We occasionally need unskilled folks too – to help out on demo days or work days… we’ll announce those here on the site and on our social media:


We also love monthly sponsors who help us with the ongoing expenses of our volunteer-run organization. Every little gift, even $50 a month makes a huge difference.


We are always looking for donations of tools and building materials – things like paint, drywall, tiles, and insulation. And we love gift cards. If you’d like to donate tools or materials, please email us.