The Community Mission

"Being the Change"

  • Food Pantry-Open Daily for emergencies
  • Clothing Pantry
  • Love Homes-Homes for Christians in need and ministry building
  • The Fuller Center Housing Partnership-Our home ownership and rehab Program
  • Worship Services-Bible studies in 4 towns and Sunday Service(2 pm)
  • K-12 Christian School-Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.)
  • Online Bible School-Through Jacksonville Theological Seminary(call for information)
  • Counseling Services-Pastoral and educational Counseling
  • Connectional Ministries-Connecting churches and Ministries to work together
  • Re-Use Home Center (coming soon)
  • Advocacy-utility, forms, housing, literacy, etc
  • SUPPORTERS Help Us With:
  • *Monthly Financial Support
  • *Food Donations
  • *Gift Cards
  • *Used Clothing
  • *Household Items
  • *Professional Services
  • *Mentoring
  • *Counseling
  • *Volunteering
  • *Prayer